The "Who's Who" Page --
Around the US with the December Moms & Babies!

Here's a list of who's in which photos on my December Moms page.
Starting at the top...all lists assume we're moving (L-R)

Photo 1 (Massachusetts, June 22nd):

Lori-Ann D'Antonio & Bridget Champlin,
Debby & Tiffany Zukas,
Casey & Kenny Scalzi

Photo 2 (Kids & Babies, June 22nd):

Bridget Champlin, Margaret Paynich, Tiffany Zukas,
Laura Zukas, Nicole Paynich (in bandana)

Photo 3 (Connecticut, August 12):

Lori-Ann D'Antonio & Bridget Champlin,
Traci & Jamie Gionfriddo

Photo 4 (Texas, August 17th):

Sandra & Griffin Judge,
Lori-Ann D'Antonio & Bridget Champlin,
Heather & Kellson Kleber,
Lynn & Audrey Loomis,
Cindy & A.J. Tarsi
(plus older Kleber brother behind Heather)

Photo 5 (Babies, August 17th):

Griffin, Bridget, Kellson, Audrey, A.J.

Photo 6 (Southeastern moms get together, September 6th):

Botton row: Brenda (Morgan), Sperry (Jack) & Andi (Alex)
Top row: Eleanor (Courtney), Angie (Justin) & Donna (Shannon)

Photo 7 (Babies, September 6):

Jack, Courtney, Shannon, Alex & Justin

Photo 8, (Massachusetts, September 28th):

Bottom row: Brigitte & Justin Seeley,
Betsy Schwartz (our newest member) & Madeline Smoak (Maddy w/hat),
Casey & Kenny Scalzi,
Lori-Ann D'Antonio & Bridget Champlin

Middle row: Karen Fletcher & Leandra

Back row: Debby &Tiffany Zukas,
Karen & Christina Bircsak,
Karen & Stephanie Wise (we were at their house),
Debbie & Jaime Street,
Marie desJardins & Caroline desJardins-Park (visiting from CA)

Photo 9 (Maryland, DC-area moms get together):

The Changs - Elizabeth, Darryl, Rachel & Sara
The Starkeys - Julie, Rob & Emma
The Ursos - Angela, Tom & Brayden
The Hugheses - Eleanor, Tim, Jennifer & Courtney
The Sanderses - Lisa, Rich & Torri

Photo 10 (West & Southwest Moms, Babies and Kids):

Denise & Draven Pena
Annette, Emily & Chase Hampton

Photo 11 (West & Southwest Babies):

Draven & Chase

Photo 12 (Massachusetts):

Jaime Street & Jamie Gionfriddo

Photo 13 (New Haven, CT, November 11):

Lori-Ann D'Antonio & Bridget Champlin,
Debra & Jakob Elder,
Helen & Chad Taylor

Photo 14 (November 11) :

Jakob, Bridget & Chad

Photo 15 (November 11) :

Debra & Jakob (Margaret Paynich in back)

Photo 16:

Kaileigh Louise Thom, about 9 months old

Photo 17:

Kaileigh Louise Thom, about 11 months old

Photo 18:

The Dunigan Children (clockwise from bottom):
Tanner Lee (10 months),
Tia Michelle (2 3/4),
Jake Scott (4 1/2)
- taken in November 1997.

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