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Nicole Elizabeth Paynich

Welcome to my web page. My name is Nicole Paynich. I'm 12 years old, and I live in Warwick, RI. I've lived in Rhode Island for eleven and a half years, and I've enjoyed it very much.


I am in the sixth grade at Norwood Elementary School. The mascot of our school is Norwood Knights.

Norwood Knights

I have 3 cats, Lady Grey, Nora & Sabrina. I love them very much, but sometimes they are pests.
I have 2 sisters, Margaret and Bridget. Bridget is 2, and Margaret is 14, two years older than me.
Here's a photo of Bridget and me taken in October, 1997:

Bridget & Me, 10/97

I like to read and write poetry. This summer I will go to horseback riding camp. That is great because I love horses.


I also like to go to the beach, especially Scarborough Beach, near my Grandma's house.

Sea gulls flying at the beach

I like to ride my bike all over the neighborhood, and I like to go to my friend's house.

I like to read and write email, too. You can send me email by clicking here mailbox.

Stop!You have reached the end of my web page. If you haven't read Margaret's web page, I suggest you visit Margaret's Rainbow.

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