Welcome to John & Lori-Ann's web page! Here's some personal information about us.

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A Little History
We met through "divine intervention" in 1991. As John puts it, we were "slapped together like 2 halves of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." We were engaged within 3 months and married within 9 months (on August 1, 1992). This date has some significance for us, because we follow a Pagan religious path and August 1 is a Pagan holiday, Lammas (celebrating the first fruits of the harvest). If you'd like more information on things Pagan, email e-mail Lori-Ann me and I can point you in the right direction.

Wedding Rings
We wrote our own wedding ceremony, using a combination of very old oaths and new items we added ourselves. Here's a portion of the ceremony we particularly like -- it's a very old oath:

Heart to Heart
Mind to Mind
Soul to Soul
Two like as One
Separate, but as One

We have 3 children between us, Margaret & Nicole Paynich (my children from my first marriage) and Bridget Champlin, our new baby. We tried a total of 3 years to get pregnant with Bridget, got pregnant in March 1996 and had Bridget in December 1996.

I do phone support for software, he works on a Department of Defense (US Govt agency) help desk supporting hardware and software. So we're both computer geeks.

Where we live
We live in Warwick, RI (6 miles south of Providence), about an hour from Boston and 3 hrs from New York. I work 45 mins away in Canton, MA. John works in downtown Boston and has a 2-hour commute to work ONE WAY. This is most of the reason we're trying to get moved, with Austin a favorite spot. We'd like to live in TX if possible. We're also campaigning for John to get a job that covers my pay (he makes 3x what I make) so I can stay home with all 3 kids. I was home a lot with Margaret & Nicole (sometimes working at home), and they seem to have turned out ok, so we'd like to repeat that if possible.

What we like to do (besides spending time with the children)
John likes history (military and otherwise), and reads a great deal about everything. He likes science fiction and fantasy books, plus several Pagan subjects. He's a mason, too. He also spends his spare time setting up our little (3-computer) network at home. Feel free to e-mail him, e-mail John he loves to talk and write e-mail.

I like to read, watch TV and movies, learn more about computers by using them, and write e-mail. I read mainly mysteries, though I sometimes read about other things too. I've had a small writing, editing and computer consulting business called WriteWorks (hence my e-mail address) since 1988.

Both John and I like to eat, and he's learning to cook.

I'm passionate about full-size trains, RR Crossingwhile John prefers model trains.

Little Train

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