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Please come in and visit with the members of the Champlin, D'Antonio and Paynich families!

Like many people, we live in a "blended" family. I married Al Paynich on May 23, 1983 (my birthday), we had 2 daughters, Margaret and Nicole in 1985 and 1987, and divorced in 1992. That year I married John Roy Champlin, and we had a daughter, Bridget in 1996. John died on March 15, 2002. Click "John Roy Champlin Memorial Page" for his memorial page.

We are still "blended" in that Al lives with Nicole, Bridget and me. Margaret went away to college in August 2003 and probably won't live at home full time anymore.

Here's a picture of my beautiful daughters, taken in March, 2004:

Some Memories

A really old picture of (L-R) Margaret, Al & Nicole from 1997.

November, 1997

Some Christmas Memories:

On the left, our first "family" picture after Bridget was born, taken on Christmas, 1996, when she was 9 days old. On the right, our family on Christmas, 1997:

At Grandma's house, Christmas Eve 1998.

Family Memories

Our first professional family picture after
Bridget was born, taken in October 1997:

Our Family, 10/97

And our last family photo, taken in October, 1999:

family in 1999

So Who's "Twigsy?"

You might be wondering who the "Twigsy" in "Twigsy's Twilight Cafe" is -- it's me! I've had the nickname since I was a little girl and my dad's friends used to call me "Little Twigsy" after my dad, whose nickname was "Twigs." I even have it on my license plates (and have old plates from Arizona and Texas with the name on them). Just one of the ways I stand out in the world.

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Photos from Momcon '98: The Birthday Bash, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon.

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