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Bridget's ONE!
Above, Bridget shows how old she is now

Bridget at 10 months old: Bridget, 10 months old

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Bridget was born on December 16, 1996 after a LONG pregnancy and even longer quest for parenthood. Although I conceived Margaret and Nicole easily, it took us nearly 3 years to conceive Bridget. She's named after the Celtic goddess Brigit, but we Americanized the spelling to make it easier for most people to spell.

Bridget had broken a lot of family records by the time she was born. My labor with her was the longest (about 19 hrs), longest pregnancy (she was two days late, due on 12/14) and heaviest baby (weighing in at 6# 12 oz, five ounces heavier than her sisters, who were each born two weeks before their due dates). Margaret and Nicole were there for most of the hospital part of the labor, and were also there to see Bridget born! They were very excited about that.

Here's Bridget's "Christmas photo," November 1997:

Bridget, 11 months old

Photos from the birthing room: first photo of John holding Bridget, and the first photo of the three of us (Bridget is nursing -- look for her head on the left).

The next day, Margaret & Nicole got to stay home from school (Bridget was born at 10:19 pm and they didn't leave the hospital until late). They visited us in the hospital, and here's a photo of the girls that went in our yearly newsletter.

Bridget can be a very serious baby when she's not laughing and smiling. In this photo (taken when she was 2 months old), she looks like she's trying to give us a piece of her mind, especially with that pointing finger!

John & Bridget spend a lot of time together -- here's Bridget "hanging out with Dad" at Margaret's 6th grade graduation in June, when Bridget was six months old.

John & 6-month-old Bridget

In July out in the yard

John & Bridget/July

Sleepy dad with Bridget in August

John & Bridget/August

And Dad with Bridget on Christmas, 1997:

John & Bridget/Christmas

John's family is small, and they keep in touch with each other. On July 5, 1997, I snapped this photo of the four Champlins in our backyard. (seated, L-R) Grandpa John, Bridget, and Uncle Charlie. That's John standing in back.

The Champlins

Here are some more eight-month photos of Bridget, all taken in August 1997 in Austin.

SurprisedSurprised Smiling Smiling

Talking to our friends' dogTalking to our friends' dog, Gambit.

More summer photos:

Mom and Bridget at the Zoo

Nicole pushing Bridget on the swing

Some more photos from Bridget's November, 1997 photo session:

shaking a present wearing a pretty hat learning to crawl?

More birthday photos:

With Cake:


eating daintily off a fork

Smiley birthday girl:

with Grandma's teddy I love presents!

Bridget all ready for the cold weather:

Fuzzy Bridget

Margaret, Nicole & Bridget with Santa Claus:

And Bridget with her Rock and Scoot Zebra, a present from "Grandma Blake."

Bridget on her Zebra

Watch for more photos as she grows!

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