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January 1998, 13 months old

Also from January 1998:

"This eating stuff is easy!" "I can sleep anywhere."

With "Grandma" Blake:

"Grandma" Blake takes care of Bridget while her mom and dad work. She loves Bridget, and Bridget loves her too. Mrs. Blake has taught her lots of things, like how to play Peek-a-Boo and "So Big." Bridget also gets lots of love and attention from Mrs. Blake's family.

Bridget's mom has lots of internet friends, "cybermoms" who met on line while they were all pregnant. On the left, Bridget's being pulled in her block wagon by Jakob, one of the "babybytes" as they've come to be called. In the photo on the right, Jakob, Kenny (another "babybyte") and Bridget share her playpen.

Out in the Yard, April 1998:

In her Easter outfit, April 1998:

With list friend Margo at the zoo, June 1998:

More photos from the zoo:

Melanie & Margo

Bridget and Margo visit with a goat

"The dog" where everyone has their picture taken

Moms and girls